Meet Danielle

Meet Danielle


Danielle was a business professional in the corporate world prior to having her two girls, (ages 3 & 1). After nursing her two children, she wanted to further her education to enable her to help mothers in her community. Inspired by the journey, and the struggles she overcame, Danielle enrolled in the Certified Breastfeeding Counselor (CBC) program through Childbirth International (Graduate ID: DRI-104512). She has helped numerous mothers with breastfeeding troubles, back to work plans, and weaning. 

Danielle was born and raised in Islip, New York on Long Island and attended college at The University of Colorado at Boulder, Environmental Design Emphasis.

She has helped numerous women via phone and in person become confident breastfeeding mothers and truly cares about each mother and child she helps. 

"When I had my first daughter Meadow, I thought breastfeeding was a simple choice and it would come naturally. While that is the case for some, it wasn't for me.  It took the care of professionals and family support to become a confident breastfeeding mom. My journey and a passion for helping mothers along their own paths are what inspired me to share and teach mothers in the breastfeeding community."
-Danielle Rivoli  CBC (CBI)